Many of our principals are looking for partner companies to co-operate with. Either to enter new geographical markets or to increase production capacity, to lower costs, to gain new technology, to set strategic alliances etc..

Most important is the analysis of wishes, needs and expectations before the actual search starts. Secondly each company, each production process, each product, each market, each country and each region have their own very specific key factors. Economic-, politicly- and market-wise, energy & raw materials, labour & efficiency, they all vary from place to place.

The differences in language, culture, background, tradition, way of thinking and way of acting of potential partners, often makes it most fruitful to have an independent intermediary co-acting for both parties involved.

But also the process of tuning different expectations, wishes and demands of the parties involved does need an experienced coach.

Identifying the most suitable region, country and partner is work for specialists. Utilizing the experience and knowledge of ENC Industry, costs, risks and leadtime are minimized. The whole process from briefing by our principal(s) up to and including the actual start of the partnership, and eventually coaching during the first period, is executed by ENC Industry.

And guided by our philosophy, we encourage the highest possible participation of employees of the involved parties. After all, the results of a "partner search" needs to be accepted and carried by the people involved.