Mostly on behalf of our principals, ENC Industry develops and executes industrial projects. From upgrading and/or expanding of existing production facilities via relocation of production lines up to and including turnkey new greenfield projects.

A project might also be developed during the execution of services, for example: For a principal we sell an surplus production-line based on "as-is/where-is". However, most of the time the buyer is keen on a purchase of the production-line based on turnkey. In such a situation ENC Industry will realize a complete project and either buys the single line from the seller and sells a turnkey project to the buyer, or executes the turnkey project on behalf of the buyer.

Projects might involve one or more of the following subjects:

  • feasibility studies
  • location and partner scan
  • design of production process
  • design of production layout
  • factory design (demands, utilities e.g.)
  • factory engineering (piping, cabling e.g.)
  • analyses of products, production process and production equipment
  • purchase description of equipment and selection of suppliers
  • purchase of equipment, procurement, subcontracting
  • environmental/energy analysis and program/planning
  • analysis of needed technology, selection of supplier and arrangement of technology transfer agreement
  • installation of all involved production equipment and utility units at the site and integrated commissioning
  • training of operators, maintenance technicians, staff, management
  • guiding, support and coaching during implementation of technology
  • supervision during testruns and commercial start-up
  • in case of used (production) equipment:
    • dismantling
    • reconditioning/overhaul
    • coding/labelling
    • translation and/or updating of documentation, manuals and drawings
    • packing/crating/containerizing, land and/or sea transport
    • replacement/spare parts
    • modification of parts and/or units with respect to local conditions
    • upgrading of equipment
    • export/import licenses
    • surveyor report
  • Total Quality Management
  • certification of products and/or production processes
  • Total / Periodical Maintenance Management