Small Sized Enterprises (SSE)

One of the challenging and most satisfactory type of activities of ENC Industry is in the field of Small Sized Enterprises (SSE).

Together with local initiators we develop job generating and opportunity creating projects, with and for the local population. Small scale and down-to-earth. Utilizing the local available skills and manpower. Training and improvement of skills if needed. But always based on respect for the individual, society and nature. Involvement and commitment of all players is needed and achieved. ENC Industry is present and active as coach, supporting people in their own development and "nursing" the fresh started activity towards adultly.

SSE's enrich the business environment and bring not only new technologies, services and products to the market, but also flexibility. Due to its number, the straight forward organization, the direct feeling with the market and the commitment of employees, SSE's are capable of following sudden changes in markets and/or economies. In most countries, SSE's count for the larger part of the employed workforce.

SSE's can be fully commercial and private, based on local financing and management, or with participation of foreign partners (technology, funding, equipment, marketing/sales/export of products). But SSE's can also be supported by governmental organizations, focusing on the improvement of the quality of life by generating jobs, education and a future.

ENC Industry is using its global industrial experience, knowhow and network to realize local small sized industry.