Industrial & Corporate Consulting

The consulting activities of ENC Industry cover a wide and deep range. From evaluation and analysis of initial business idea's, via pre-feasibility and feasibility studies (technical, operational, project and/or program orientated), via development and implementation of re-engineering activities up to and including management training, marketing and sales development, market development and portfolio development.

During the consulting activities of ENC Industry our objective is to reduce costs, increase efficiency, remain or improve employer satisfaction and commitment, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve shareholders value and loyalty, improve company positioning, awareness and appreciation in the market and to improve competitiveness. All focused on long term profitability within continuously changing markets.

In general: partly or fully re-defining vision and mission statements, (re-)writing of strategic and operational plans, re-engineering of organization (office, production, external), portfolio management, quality management, environment/pollution management and the implementation of our advices. The development of new markets, new PMC's and alternative production methods and/or locations can be a part of our work as well.

Due to our activities, our principals find new directions, new markets, new products, relocate production department/units and often start new strategic alliances with third companies.

We reduce the influences of and dependency on external environs and we put our principals back in control of the company and its future.

Furthermore, ENC Industry can be involved in realization of finance/funding schemes, based on Export Finance Programs, Third World Support Programs, World Bank Development Programs, European Union Programs or straight forward project financing through International Trade Banks.