In order to be able to execute complex projects in an integrated way, we have established the ENC Engineering department. This department, manned with a high technical educated and broad practical experienced engineering staff, supports our internal projects as well as executes engineering services on behalf of third parties.

With a dedicated workforce of generalists and specialists, most of them with expatriate experience in various countries, ENC Engineering is committed to offer the perfect balance of experience, innovation, creativeness and down-to-earth practical approach to our principals. Working with the latest drafting techniques, based on 2-D and 3-D CAD systems, and communication methods, such as E-mail, GSM, Satcom and telefax, our engineers are able to offer our services on a global scale.

Familiar with the latest engineering approaches in the field of electrical, electronics, mechanical, piping, energy, industrial automatization and robotics, steam, machine building, environment/waste processing, quality assurance, and combining this with our theoretical and practical knowhow of production processes, production logistics, production routing, environmental issues e.g., it will be clear that ENC Engineering is capable of executing complex projects. Engineering can be executed in-house, on site or in a combination, depending on the demands and options of the project and principal.

ENC Engineering has executed projects from as small as upgrading a single thermoplastic Injection Moulding unit to as large as a fully integrated greenfield plants, including utilities, waste-management, combined power/heat generation e.g.. Projects within the plastic and rubber processing, electrical and electronics, machine-design, (sheet-)metal processing, textile and nonwovens, energy, mining e.g.

For specialized projects, ENC Engineering can rely on the support and assistance of international working and acknowledged partners. We kindly invite you to contact ENC Industry in order to discuss your engineering demands.