In order to realize a positive outcome of the initial feasibility study of a program or project, to insure a structural profitability of our principals project and at the same time limiting the Foreign Exchange part of the investments, ENC Industry will focus on local sourcing, manufacturing and sub-contracting of the highest possible content of the equipment and services needed to realize the project.

In some cases this might involve the initiation of new co-producing, supplying or sub-contracting activities. Resulting in the introduction of new technologies, the supply of new services, the manufacturing of new products and the creation of new jobs. Such a spin-off from the original project might have an impact to the community as positive as the original project.

Naturally all "external" work will be fully controlled by ENC Industry's Program or Project Management and will be covered by our overall responsibility.
Active participation of principals management, staff and personnel in the preparation and execution of projects is encouraged by ENC Industry.