The Clean Power activities of ENC Energy are based on our Clean Coal Combustion Technology (CCCT).

Based on this state-of-the-art technology we design and manufacture our SCFEU (Small Coal Fired Energy Unit) units.
Our SCFEU’s excel in:
• a very low level of greenhouse gas emission
• zero level of (fine) dust emission
• zero smell / odour emission
• high overall efficiency (low coal consumption)
• automatic operation and low maintenance
CCCT enables us to use all qualities of coal (from low grade soft coal to high grade hard coal) as fuel. In most cases biomass (production) waste, such as textile, paper, wood, tea, coffee, palm, can be co-fired.
We designed our SCFEU’s for the de-central generation of electricity and heat (CHP – cogen) in industry, district heating, rural electrification e.g.
SCFEU’s can successfully be operated in countries and regions with own coal mining operations, were they are highly cost competitive compared with oil and gas fired systems.
More information about our clean coal combustion approach and SCFEU systems can be found on our dedicated website.

Click for the 'clean coal combustion' website.