ENC Industry develops, installs and commissions integrated production plants for the rubber processing industry. Applications such as: conveyor-belts, pressure-tubes (pneumatic, hydraulic), innertubes, hoses, solid tyres, crossply and radial tyres (from industrial to OTR), (injection) moulded technical products e.g.
Based on new or used (reconditioned) equipment or any possible combination. From mixers and batch-off via calender-lines, extrusion-lines, cooling-lines and building machines to curing, testing, packaging.
Our services range from Basic Engineering and Material/Product Routing/Logistics, via Factory Layout and Building Specification, selection of Technology and Production Process, selection of production and utility equipment/machines, engineering and sourcing of production tools (curingmolds e.g.), procurement, to installation, commissioning, start-up, upscaling of production, implementation of technology, training and coaching of operators, maintenance engineers and management, set-up and implementation of Total Maintenance and Total Quality Programs. As Main Contractor, Sub Contractor or Project Manager.
Often Technology (product and production process) can be offered as well, also in the range of radial and all-steel radial tyres.