ENC Industry develops and supplies integrated Energy Projects.

The Heat orientated energy activities of ENC Industry started together with our production orientated activities, since many of the production processes utilized process heat. As a spin-off, and often due to the unreliability of the local public grid, we started to install backup power units, soon followed by the first continuous power units. Today we rely on our own experience and also on the more than 50 years of experience and knowhow in the design, development and installation of Energy units by our engineering-partners.

As the combination of heat and power generation (CHP - cogen) is highly efficient, any new project will be scooped on combined generation. However, also the transformation/modification of an existing power or heat unit in to a combined unit is often possible.If general overhaul and/or replacement by new of key elements, such as a boiler, is scheduled for execution, a possible change from single to combined generation, possible together with a change of fuel-type, can be easily involved in the project.

ENC Industry develops and executes projects based on new or used (reconditioned) equipment or any possible combination. Designed for easy operating, low operational and maintenance costs, high M.T.B.F., high efficiency, controlled low emission and fuel residue (ash).

From Concept Design and Basic Engineering via Fuel Routing/Logistics, Emission and Fuel Residue (ash), Plant Layout and Building Specification, selection of Technology and Process, selection of production and utility equipment/machines, procurement, to installation, commissioning, start-up, upscaling, implementation of technology, training and coaching of operators, maintenance engineers and management, development and implementation of Total Maintenance and Total Quality Programs.

Including local energy (piping and/or cabling) distribution and public grid link. As Main Contractor, Sub Contractor or Project Manager.

Continue Production.

  • Boiler orientated units, fired on coal, oil and/or gas (dual or triple fuel possible), or biomass
    For Heat generation and/or, using steam turbine(s), Power generation.
  • Gasturbine orientated units, fired on oil and/or gas.
    For Power generation and/or, using heat exchangers, for Heat generation.
  • Gas-engine orientated units, fired on biomass (reactor), for up to  150 kWth.
    For Power generation and/or, using heat exchangers, for Heat generation.
  • Diesel-engine orientated units.
    For Power generation and/or, using heat exchangers, for Heat generation.

Discontinue Production (backup, emergency).

  • Diesel-engine orientated units.
    For Power generation, auto start/stop, auto connect.
  • New generation small scale (up to 1.5 MWe) gasturbines.
    For Power generation, auto start/stop, auto connect.
  • UPS systems

ENC Industry also develops and implements Periodical Maintenance Systems, Total Maintenance Systems and executes Periodical Tests and Certification (efficiency, safety, emission), commission certification (efficiency, safety, emission).

For existing units, ENC Industry can develop and implement programs and projects focused on:

  • Reconditioning, Overhaul, Renewal
  • Upgrading
  • Conversion of fuel-type
  • Conversion from single to multi fuel-type
  • Conversion from single to combined generation
  • Additional emission treatment/control/reduction